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Sammlungscoaching im Heimatmuseum Radeburg

Kurzbericht zum Sammlungscoaching der Sächsischen Landesstelle für Museumswesen am Heimatmuseum Radeburg Das Heimatmuseum Radeburg ist ein kulturgeschichtliches Museum, das in der Stadt Radeburg und der Region verankert ist und zudem als Gedenkort des in Radeburg geborenen Malers und Grafikers Heinrich Zille ein über die unmittelbare Region hinauswirkendes Alleinstellungsmerkmal innehat. Die kulturhistorische Sammlung des Museums umfasst

Digitization Regional (Germany) Sammlungscoaching Saxony

A Timeline for an Object’s History Within the Museum

In musdb, there’s PuQi, indicating aspects of an object that may be better or more extensively recorded for publication. There’s “Plausi“, indicating implausibilities in an object’s recorded events (e.g. if the object was supposedly created by somebody who was clearly not alive anymore at the time of creation entered in the object record). There are

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New Features at museum-digital (November 2022)

After trying a monthly change log once some month ago, we have unfortunately been rather lenient with notifying everyone of new features and updates in the last months. To approach betterment, here there is a list of the updates of November 2022 the form of screenshots. As a very large update is upcoming in the

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