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EODEM is a standard for exchanging loan object information built on top of LIDO. See https://cidoc.mini.icom.museum/working-groups/documentation-standards/eodem-home/

museum-digital:qa as a Conversion Tool

Some months back I presented museum-digital:qa here and elsewhere as a tool building on a subset of the functionality of museum-digital’s import tool to evaluate data uploaded by anyone and make the quality checks musdb offers available to the uploader as well, regardless of their collection management system. Its real potential however can only be

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Improved Workflow for Working with Loan Objects using EODEM

For some months, musdb has supported the upcoming EODEM standard for exchanging object information in the context of loans. The developments were covered extensively in a previous blog post. To summarize, the EODEM standard holds significant potential for saving registrars or colleagues taking over similar tasks in a museum a lot of time by providing

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Upcoming Major Update to musdb

Usually the development of musdb (and the other parts of museum-digital software) follows a rolling release paradigm. A new feature is developed, tested, and then distributed. Updates are – usually – not held back. Over the last month, we made an exception, as there will be a lot of new features and a slight redesign

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New Features at museum-digital (November 2022)

After trying a monthly change log once some month ago, we have unfortunately been rather lenient with notifying everyone of new features and updates in the last months. To approach betterment, here there is a list of the updates of November 2022 the form of screenshots. As a very large update is upcoming in the

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