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Legende auf der "Objekte auf Karte"-Seite

Development on museum-digital will be concentrated on more internal functionalities in the next months, but some small improvements continue to be made in the public frontend. Like today: We have now implemented the option to directly link to a position on a map view for object search results both in the frontend and in musdb.

To allow this, navigating or zooming to a given position within the map now automatically updates the URL to include the new selected positioning on the map. If one thus copies the URL from the browser and shares it to a colleague, the colleague will be able to open the map at the same position.

Additionally, we have been able to fulfill an often-voiced request for the map view: a legend of the many available event type icons on “objects on map” pages in the frontend is now accessible by clicking on the new “Question Mark” button at the top right of the map.