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Screenshot of the new calendar feature on www.museum-digital.org.

Last year, we started a monthly user meet-up. As things go, we managed to continue the series at a stable time slot for some months – and then we did not anymore. People’s calendars are of course an issue, but another major one was simply that there were no consistently pre-determined meeting URLs.

Over the weekend, we have added a new feature to the project page, www.museum-digital.org: a calendar for trainings, meetings, and the like. The events for this calendar are pulled from various shared calendars via the respective iCalendar files and compiled into lists of the upcoming events.

While the primary source for events thus far is the calendar compiled by the German association for museum-digital, the museum-digital e.V., it also includes events in English. We can thus schedule the meetings ahead of time with meeting URLs set ahead of time without having to write a blog post every time. On the other hand, (publicly) scheduled events will be kept for sure.

And thus, publishing the calendar also means that this time around, we will surely do better and continue the series of monthly user meet-ups on every Tuesday of a month, 5 to 7 p.m. consistently for longer than we did last year.


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