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At yesterday’s Autumn Conference of the Working Group Documentation of the German Museum Association (Herbsttagung der Fachgruppe Dokumentation des Deutschen Museumsbunds) a new web service in the broader realm of museum-digital was released: museum-digital:qa.

museum-digital:qa reuses the importer‘s relevant functionalities to accept museum object data in a variety of input formats – both open standards and software-specific export formats – and allows running different tools concerning data quality on the uploaded data.This way we can make the quality checking functionalities that have thus far only been available as part of musdb accessible to museums almost regardless of the collection management system the museum uses.

At the same time, the tool can be extended with further checks that are not (yet?) built into musdb itself. As a first such check, museum-digital:qa can be used to check the object records’ conformity to the field set suggested for a minimum viable object record for publication of the working group of the same name (German: AG Minimaldatensatz).

While aspects of the import tool are reused extensively, no actual import takes place. On the other hand, this reuse means that museum-digital:qa will automatically support yet more input formats as more data of different sources can be imported to museum-digital, while actual maintenance work on museum-digital:qa should remain minimal.

P.S.: A long awaited check – checking the plausibility of the stated license status of images and media files linked to an object based on its creator / creation – has now been integrated into musdb as well as md:qa.